Chibueze Ihenacho

Chibueze Ihenacho is CEO and Co-Founder of ARMR Systems. A graduate of Georgia Technology Institute with a B.S. in biomedical engineering, Chibueze has spent the past seven years starting and leading a variety of entrepreneurial and nonprofit ventures. Through his involvement in the Atlanta, DC & Boston startup community, Chibueze has garnered a strong grassroots network of physicians, engineers, investors, & entrepreneurs committed to impacting communities and increase patient access to quality care.


In summer 2016, Chibs was recognized by Magic Johnson’s 32 Under 32 and by Entrepreneur magazine as a high-achieving inventor and entrepreneur. He’s also the recipient of Georgia Tech’s Alvin M. Ferst Leadership & Entrepreneur Award. Chibueze brings his passions and commitments to bear at ARMR through spearheading the organization’s business development, fundraising, & marketing efforts.


Venture: ARMR Systems is medical device company addressing the problem of traumatic bleeding worldwide. Through their novel wearable system, ARMR builds a tool that saves lives, democratizes access to emergency care, and  gives hope to victims of traumatic injury when they need it most.