8 impact-minded startups that might ‘change the world’: Halcyon Incubator cohort

September 9, 2016

The Georgetown-based Halcyon Incubator celebrated the commencement of a new cohort on Thursday with another announcement — two years ago, to the day, the incubator itself was launched. In that time, S&R Foundation COO Kate Goodall informed the gathered crowd, the incubator has served 32 ventures, which have raised a collective $10 million in funding and “impacted” 2 million lives around the world.

What better way to celebrate than by introducing a new cohort, the fifth to travel through Halcyon’s stately halls?

Goodall assured the event attendees that these young, social enterprise-focused entrepreneurs are working on much more pressing issues than simply “the latest dating app.”

“If successful, this cohort of fellows is going to change the world,” she said, by way of introduction. 

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