This DC Data Scientist is Using Open Data to Predict a City's Future

October 24, 2016
DC Inno

Carey Anne Nadeau founded Open Data Nation to help cities predict the future. Or rather, to apply public data in a way that lets cities accurately model and plan for the future. Nadeau, A George Washington University alum, spent years working as a data scientist in the world of D.C. think tanks before moving into setting up her own startup. Open Data Nation is built around applying her skills to improving civic services with public data, a mission that earned her a spot in the latest cohort at D.C.'s Halcyon Incubator with other social entrepreneurs.

Why did you shift from think tanks to startups?

There's a large amount of open data being published and geo-located in cities and counties. I felt no one was using the data and at Brookings there wasn't any interest in looking at the data, for many reasons. I felt like I was at the unsatisfying end of the road. I'm a data scientist by trade and I had no intention of starting a company, but no one else was doing the inquiries that were driving me. I couldn't do it without starting a company myself, so I did that.

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