Halcyon Incubator bringing top impact startups to DC

November 29, 2016

Washington, DC-  It’s not just a new administration coming to our nation’s capital: seven of the most promising social enterprises in the world are moving to Washington D.C. in 2017.

Today, Halcyon Incubator announces the selection of its sixth cohort for one of the nation’s premier incubators for early-stage social entrepreneurs. The seven social enterprises will bring their vision for change not through policy, but through a startup model. From innovating how we deliver vaccines and repair roads, to helping our youth overcome traumatic stress, Halcyon is seeing an incredibly talented and diverse group of founders solving our world’s greatest challenges.

“At a divisive time in our country, social entrepreneurs are a beacon of hope,” says Dr. Sachiko Kuno, founder and CEO of S&R Foundation, and founder of We Capital. “The women and men in our sixth cohort are emblematic of the ingenuity, creativity, and diversity innovators are bringing to bear on the most vexing problems of our community.”

Five of the seven ventures in the latest cohort have a female founder or cofounder, which represents the most diverse cohort Halcyon has accepted. The diversity of background and experience of the fellows further challenges the traditional stereotypes around what a successful founder looks like.

“This was both our most competitive selections process and our most diverse,” according to Ryan Ross, Program Director of the Halcyon Incubator. “We believe diversity is one of the key measures of success for any accelerator or incubator, and are glad to see this cohort reflecting the diverse perspectives and experiences social entrepreneurs bring to the table.”

The accepted fellows will live and work out of the Halcyon Incubator and join an impressive group of 40 social enterprises in the previous cohorts.

Meet the New Cohort and Their Ventures:

ALEX, Anyone's Learning Experience Sergio Marrero, Alana Matos - In a world where we can place people in empty seats in a car, ALEX places people in empty seats in classrooms. ALEX, Anyone’s Learning Experience, is an online marketplace where individuals can advance their careers by taking in person higher education courses across universities and vocational programs.

ARMR Systems Chibueze Ihenacho, Yegor Podgorsky - ARMR Systems is medical device company addressing the problem of traumatic bleeding worldwide. Through their novel wearable system, ARMR builds a tool that saves lives, democratizes access to emergency care, and gives hope to victims of traumatic injury when they need it most.

kweliTV, DeShuna Spencer - kweliTV is an interactive video streaming network dedicated to the issues, stories and culture of the global black community with indie films, web shows, documentaries, and news programming of the entire African diaspora in which viewers can take action on issues discussed in the films, documentaries or news segments.

MemoryWell, Jay Newton-Small, Andrew Fribush - MemoryWell’s network of professional journalists tells the life stories of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our stories help caregivers in assisted living build empathy, and get to know and engage with their residents in a deeply personal way.

MindRight, Ashley Edwards, Alina Liao - MindRight’s mission is to help at-risk youth recover from trauma. MindRight is a text messaging service that provides youth with evidence-based practices to manage traumatic stress. We text youth every day, helping them develop positive coping skills to face daily adversities. We provide schools with ongoing data on student emotional well-being.

Mobilized Construction Kevin Lee, Johan Jensen - Mobilized Construction’s software platform gathers road conditions and links to teams of local workers to manually build dirt roads, rather than utilizing heavily equipped and expensive contractors. Localizing repairs drops the barrier for road maintenance to a shovel and a cellphone, ensuring roads are safe and accessible around the world.

VivaVax, Julia Peng - VivaVax believes that healthcare accessibility is a human right. VivaVax is addressing the instability of the vaccine cold supply chain by creating temperature-stable formulations and innovative delivery methods.