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When Elynn Walter walks into a room of officials from global health organizations and governments, this is how she likes to get their attention: "I'll say, '... Read more
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Many girls in the Western world use their period as an excuse to sit out of gym class–but in some African countries a girl’s monthly cycle forces her out of... Read more
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“I think the uniqueness of the [Student Language Exchange] (SLE) program is that its a low-key and casual environment that is supposed to pique a person’s... Read more
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Solar power is going intergalactic. In an announcement late last month, SolarCity SCTY -1.83%, the country’s largest installer of rooftop solar arrays,... Read more
Mariama Kabia
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A native of Sierra Leone, Mariama Kabia is the definition of a global role model for teenage girls. She’s determined to change the social atmosphere for teen... Read more
Param Jaggi on Algae Mobile, Ecoviate and Stem Life
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An immersive residency program and access to expert resources are two reasons why Halcyon Incubator has been so successful in cultivating young social... Read more   |   March 31, 2015
In 2002, Brian Ferguson seemed to have it all planned out. He was well on his way to law school, on track to graduate from West Virginia University in three... Read more
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This inventive solution is no load of crap. Across the globe, 1.8 billion people use a drinking water source that is contaminated with fecal matter, according... Read more
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Olivier Kamanda remembers when investigative reporter Andrea Elliott's "Invisible Child" appeared in the New York Times. The five-part series on Dasani, a 12-... Read more
Solstice Initiative Completes a Successful Pilot in Massachusetts
Solstice Initiative Newsletter // March 2015   |   March 1, 2015
Friends, In January, we announced the initiation of our first pilot program to bring solar power to households that were previously locked out of the market.... Read more   |   February 26, 2015
Building Libraries Along Fiber-Optic Lines in Sub-Saharan Africa The Washington, D.C.-based startup, Librii, is rethinking what a library looks like By Li Zhou... Read more
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First aired: February 18, 2015. First, most U.S. prisoners who are released are rearrested within five years, according to the National Institute of Justice.... Read more